Patio Sliding Doors


Floridian Home Improvement offers Simonton Sliding Doors for your patio and other areas that surpass the market’s standards. We offer several door styles, whether you’re installing new doors or replacing old ones – we’ve got you covered. When you buy a sliding door from us, you’ll get all kinds of features such as:
  • Noise Isolation
  • Thermal Absorbency
  • Fusion Welded Frame
  • Interlocking Rails for Structure
  • Maximum Durability
  • Increased Safety
  • Weather Resistance
  • Smooth Operation
  • Better Views

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Noise & Thermal Isolation

Floridian Home Improvement provides sliding doors that come with Multi Chambered Vinyl Profiles, which provides superior thermal and sound absorbency.

Filter out noise and reduce the transfer of heat and cold from outside. Never again have to worry about living next to a busy street with our premium patio sliding doors!

Structural Integrity

Floridian Home Improvement carries patio sliding doors that feature Interlocking Meeting Rails.

With these state of the art Interlocking Rails, your patio sliding door will be structurally sound. Alongside being sturdy, the Interlocking Meeting Rails provide weather tight performance to keep any hot air out, and your cool air in.


With Simonton Patio and Garden Doors, you’ll be getting some of the most advanced patio doors available. With tons of different styles and collections available – we’ll make sure your patio door fits your design. Let Floridian Home Improvement install a beautifully crafted patio door for your home.

Tons of Options

Choose from tons of different styles and colors.

LowE Glass with Argon Gas

Keep cold air in and heat out.

Standard Intercept© Spacer

Save money on energy costs.

Finely Crafted Doors

Transform your patio with Grand Estates© beauty.


Floridian Home Improvement offers tons of choices for the perfect patio door. With Simonton Patio Doors, you’ll be able to choose from French Sliding/Swing, Coastal Impact, Premier Vinyl, and more! Let us find and install the perfect patio door that fits your home today.


Floridian Home Improvement installs only the best. With Simonton Patio and Garden Doors, you’ll save money on energy bills. With our LowE glass with Argon gas, partnered with our Super Spacer© systems – energy efficiency is the least of you worries.